Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Palin on Ladybug

Here is Palin out riding her favorite horse, Ladybug, in the hills of Cerrillos. This day, she and her riding buddies rode for seven hours! Ouch.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

backstage opera tour

Palin and I toured backstage at the Santa Fe opera. We got to see models of current season sets and observe construction of the sets and props as well as demonstrations of lighting, audio and stage managers boards/equipment. The costume shop was just getting set up, but a few initial pieces were on display. It is a huge operation - very impressive.

Top left, costume shop and impressive gown for wide doorways, center, muslin mockups, right, our tour guide and and a costume head for the opera, 'PlateƩ'.
Bottom, candelabra props and part of the prop room.

One of my favorite items was this chandelier they constructed from plastic. They made molds to create the leaves and flowers and the central globe areas are made from thrift store bowls and vases!
Ya gotta love it!