Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dave draws

And here is Dave, my postcard correspondent. And he CAN draw, as these two pieces confirm. That's Dave himself in the self-portrait quick-draw at left and also, cavorting in the comics with his love, Patti.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Worry Bunny Episode

Palin gave me a photo she shot of a delicious green sueded bunny from a Harrod's display in London.
It was so luscious, I felt it must have special powers... thus, Worry Bunny was born.

I think Dave did not like my Worry Bunny so much, at first; hence his article announcing worry Bunny's death.

But I assured him that, since rabbits reproduce so well, there were plenty more "sons of Worry Bunny" to carry on.

Now Dave seems to be convinced of the value of Worry Bunny and makes a call in an emergency... only to find him headed off for a cruise. Sigh.

But, not to worry, Dave, Worry Bunny is never on vacation!